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Marketing Strategy

Marvin Sissey offers a totally new perspective to your Marketing, PR, Branding and Pricing efforts . We listen to your company’s goals. Then together, we create a road map to help your company achieve those goals. We help your management team to drive the business strategy and guide the company’s product development, PR, marketing, and sales departments to implement the chosen strategy.

SME business growth advisory

According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. Of all the surviving businesses, barely 1%  become a really big player in its industry.( A billion dollar valuation).SMEs face a specific set of challenges, key of which is limited access to capital or credit.Partly because of this weakness in financing, many SMEs have weak internal management capacity. When many are founded, the owner serves as an overall manager wearing many hats(including sales and marketing) and adds on a smaller team as the business grows. Managing strategically therefore rarely happens.Marvin Sissey is the missing link to close that gap.

Marvin Sissey Training

Marvin Sissey Training is based on the indisputable biological fact that, at a very fundamental level, we are very primate, just much advanced. At such an advanced level, our take at problem solving should encompass an even deeper level of insight than simple monkeys can.Our  training fora are an experience, a journey at seeking that Eureka moment; that Aha realization. We abhor simple lectures and prefer insightful discussions.


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